5th Wheels & Horse Trailers

Bullseye offers a wide variety of leveling and stabilizing systems for 5th wheels, horse trailers, toy haulers and other trailers that require landing leg functions.

If you wish to add automatic leveling to your trailer and keep your existing landing legs a Bullseye standard automatic leveling system is the choice.  Installation is easy.  The Bullseye leveling system will level and stabilize your trailer independently from your landing legs.  After unhooking your trailer from the truck you can level your trailer automatically with the Bullseye leveling system.    You will still use your existing landing legs to perform all of the landing leg functions.  Most 5th wheels can accommodate the Bullseye vertical system but the standard Bullseye folding system will work as well.  Click on the Sizing Chart to determine the correct model of leveling system for your trailer.

If you wish to level your trailer and perform all of the landing leg functions with a single Bullseye system then you will want a Bullseye automatic Leveling/Landing Leg system.  With this system you will replace your existing landing legs with Bullseye landing legs.  The landing legs perform the dual functions of landing leg operations and leveling.  All of the functions are controlled from the Bullseye LCD touchpad.   Click on the Sizing Chart to determine if you need the vertical or folding legs in the rear.

If your trailer is long enough to need more legs for stabilization then Bullseye six point system is the best choice.

If you are looking for landing legs only then Bullseye has a solution for you as well.  The Bullseye electric landing legs will extend all the way to the ground automatically - no more pulling pins to drop the legs.  The Bullseye electric landing legs will stay in position until you are ready to hook the trailer to the truck.   You will never need to reset the leg position when the trailer is off the truck for a long period of time.

See the Products section in this website for details about all Bullseye systems.