Frequently Asked Questions


Selection and Sales

How do I determine which Bullseye leveling system is right for my vehicle?

See our Application Guide for directions.  You will find the Application Guide by clicking the Sizing Chart section under Quick Links or by selecting Application Guide under the Support heading.  If you are still unsure which Bullseye leveling system is appropriate for you then call our direct sales line or customer service line for further guidance.

Should I choose a vertical or folding system if both systems fit?

The vertical and folding systems have the same leveling and stabilizing features so if appropriate lifting capacity and proper fit can be attained with either system then performance will be equal.

Should I choose a standard leveling or leveling/landing gear system for my fifth wheel?

If you wish to keep your existing landing legs then choose the standard Bullseye leveling system which will level your fifth wheel independently from your landing legs.   If you wish to operate the landing legs and level your trailer from one touchpad and utilize the landing legs as part of the leveling process then choose the dual system.


How long does it take to install a Bullseye leveling system?

Installation time in the aftermarket is about four hours provided no modifications are required such as moving other components.

How much ground clearance should I have when the jacks are fully retracted?

For a vertical system we recommend eight inches from the ground to the bottom of the foot plate when the jacks are fully retracted.   Ground clearance of the folding system when fully retracted is not an issue due to the stowing process.


How long does it take to level my vehicle?

Under normal conditions the time required to level a vehicle after Auto Level is initiated is 60 to 90 seconds.

What is "Patented Powerhead Technology"?

Powerhead Technology refers to the patented gear housings developed by Bulllseye.  This technology allows the Bullseye jack leg to hold and stabilize many times the weight of the heaviest RVs and Specialty Vehicles.

Is there a risk of twisting the frame with leveling systems?

Not with Bullseye automatic leveling systems.  Our Dual-Axis Steady-Lift process prevents frame twisting by moving the jack legs in parallel pairs - two front, two rear, two right or two left.  This eliminates stress on the frame.  While our electronics are programmed to leveling your vehicle in the shortest amount of time possible, it moves the jacks in very smaller increments, another safeguard in preventing frame damage.

Can I drive off while the jacks are still extended to the ground?

No.  The jacks will sustain damage if they are not fully retracted prior to moving the vehicle.  This event is not covered by the Bullseye warranty.

What is the amperage draw of a Bullseye leveling system?

Each jack leg will pull 3 amps when extending or retracting with no load bearing so the total amp draw of the four legs without weight is about 12 amps.  While the system is leveling under the weight of the vehicle only two parallel legs will be moving at a time.  The maximum amp draw under full weight load will normally be about 26 amps.


What should I do if my system will not operate?

See the Trouble Shooting Guide to determine whether you can solve the problem.  If the problem persists then contact a service provider or call our technical support line.

My system has gone into the Error Mode.  How do I clear the error?

See your Owner’s Manual.  Find the section entitled “Clearing Error Mode” and follow the directions for your specific type of leveling system and touchpad.  If you the error does  not clear then call our technical support line.

How can I retract the jacks if I lose power while they are extended?

There is hex nut on the bottom of each lift motor.  Turning the hex nut will turn the motor shaft and retract the jack.  The hex nuts can be turned manually.  However, it will be more efficient to use a drill to turn the nut.


How long is the Bullseye warranty?

The warranty for Bullseye products is one year for parts and authorized labor. 

How do I register my new Bullseye system?

You can register your Bullseye system online.  Go to Warranty Information under the Support heading and select Warranty Registration.  Fill in the information and hit the submit button.  Your Bullseye system will then be entered in our warranty database.   You can also complete the warranty registration card that was included with your system and mail it to our warranty department.

Is the warranty transferable?

No.  The warranty applies only to the original purchaser of a new Bullseye product or to the purchaser of a new vehicle or trailer equipped with a Bullseye system.   The warranty does not apply to a pre-owned system.

How do I get authorization for warranty repairs and parts?

Click on the Warranty Information link under the Support heading in this website and follow the instructions.  If you have questions about the process please call our customer service line or submit your question online to our warranty department under the Contact Us heading.