Travel Trailers

Travel trailer owners can now enjoy the same easy one-touch automatic leveling that is available for motorhomes and 5th wheels.  Many travel trailers now are equipped with slideouts which require your travel trailer to be level and stable in order to operate efficiently.  There is no need to get down underneath your trailer to get it level.  Add a Bullseye to enhance your experience. 

Most travel trailers have a ground clearance of about 22" inches to the bottom of the frame and 30" to the top of the frame.  Therefore they will accommodate both vertical and folding  leveling systems.  You will have the luxury of choosing either model. 

The most common model of vertical leveling system for travel trailers is the 11706-S.  The jack legs are installed directly to the side of the frame rail.  There is usually plenty of room under the chassis to accommodate the gear housing.

The automatic folding system will also work great on your trailer.   If you have at least 19" from the bottom of the frame to the ground (most travel trailers have about 22") you should select the 21306-S if you want the jacks to swing down.  Click on the Sizing Chart to be sure you get the correct model of Bullseye for your travel trailer.