Advantages Over Hydraulics

Why put up with all of the inconvenience of hydraulic systems?  You can now get powerful automatic leveling without fluid leaks, broken springs and other problems that come with hydraulic systems. 

  • Bullseye leveling systems do not have reservoirs, pumps, or hoses to leak, fail or break. 
  • Bullseye leveliing systems can be installed in four hours or less - saving you time and money.
  • Bullseye leveling systems will maintain a level and stable position until you are eady to retract the jacks - eliminating the need to continually reset.
  • Bullseye leveling legs have power retraction, unlike the leading hsydraulic units that rely on springs for retraction.   The same Bullseye power that extends the jacks is also available for retraction.  This comes in handy if your leveling legs get stuck in mud, soil, or gravel.
  • There are no EPA fines or other environmental issues with Bullseye.
  • The electro-mechanical design of the Bullseye minimizes the weight addition to the vehicle.
  • There is no regular service or maintenance required with Bullseye. 
  • For OEMs and distributors the fewer components with Bullseye will reduce time spent on purchasing, inventory control and material handling.