Installation Overview

The ease of installation sets Bullseye electro-mechanical leveling systems apart from hydraulic systems.  A Bullseye leveling system can be installed as an aftermarket addition in about four hours with the proper facilities.  This provides consumers with a significant cost savings and it ensures installers that their service bays will not be tied up with extensive installation time.  A Bullseye system can be installed on a bare chassis at the OEM level in a few minutes.

After determining the location for the jacks, controller and touchpad the installation takes just a few steps:

  1. Bolt or weld the brackets to the frame and bolt the jacks to the brackets
  2. Mount the controller and touchpad
  3. Attach the wire harnesses.  The connectors on the ends of the harnesses snap onto the motor connectors and the controller - plug and play.

Calibrate your system and you are ready to level with the touch of a button.  For details of installation, see the specific Installation Guides in the Support section of this website.