Four Point Vertical Leveling/Landing Leg Systems

The four point vertical Leveling/Landing Leg system provides all of the leveling and stabilizing features of our standard automatic leveling systems but also performs all of the landing leg functions such as hooking and unhooking your trailer to and from your truck, all at the touch of a button.  This system consists of two standard Bullseye landing legs in the front, two Bullseye vertical leveling legs in the rear and the controller, LCD touchpad and wire harnesses.  The front landing legs will replace your existing landing legs.  Any model of standard Bullseye vertical leveling legs can be used in the rear.

After unhooking from your truck using the Bullseye leveling legs you are ready to level your trailer.  The front landing legs then become part of the four point leveling system.  With the push of a button on the touchpad your trailer will be automatically leveled.  The front landing legs will remain on the ground for stability when the rear legs are retracted.  The Bullseye system will remember the position used to hook the trailer back to the truck  and will return to that position automatically, again at the touch of a button - no more struggling with getting your truck and trailer in the correct position!