Available in July 2014!

Six Point Vertical Leveling/Landing Leg Systems

For most 5th wheel-type trailers the Bullseye four point system will provide optimal leveling and stabilizing.  However, when additional stability is desired due to the length of the trailer, the Bullseye six point system is the optimal choice.  The Bullseye six point vertical Leveling/Landing Leg system consists of two Bullseye landing legs in the front, four Bullseye standard vertical leveling legs, controller, LCD touchpad and wire harnesses.  Two of the standard vertical legs are installed in the rear and two are installed between the front landing legs and the rear vertical leveling legs.  The standard leveling legs can be any model of Bullseye standard vertical leveling legs.  The middle and rear legs do not need to be the same length or have the same lifting capacity but the all need to be vertical.

The functions and operation of the six point system are the same as the four point automatic Bullseye Leveling/Landing Leg system.  As with all Bullseye automatic systems it is all accomplished with the touch of a button.

The six point system will be available in September 2014 and will be maintained as a standard system thereafter.