Folding Leveling Systems 

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The Bullseye folding, or "swing-down", leveling systems include four leveling legs, the controller, standard touchpad and wire harnesses.  The leveling leg brackets of the Bullseye folding systems are attached directly to the bottom of the vehicle frame.  The Bullseye folding system is designed for vehicles with ground clearance too low to accommodate a standard vertical system.  The patented Bullseye folding bracket allows the leveling leg to rotate to a stowed position underneath and parallel to the bottom frame rail when not in use.  At the touch of a button the leveling legs rotate to the vertical position and  extended straight down to the ground and level your vehicle.  All of this is accomplished with a single touch. 

It is important to note that the leveling legs in the Bullseye folding system are exactly the same as those in the vertical system with all of the same great features.  There is no "joint" in the middle of the leg.  The jack legs do not actually fold, they rotate down on the bracket.  The only difference between Bullseye vertical and folding systems is the bracket.

Standard folding leveling legs arre available with 7", 9", 11", and 13" of extension and lifting capacities of 6,000 or 9,000 lbs. per leg.   In certain situations the folding legs can be built to lift 12,000 per leg.  Let us know if your application requires the increased capacity.   Different models of folding legs can be installed in the front and rear.  See the Sizing Chart to determine the correct model of Bullseye system for your vehicle or trailer.